Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pumpkins - Circles - and Dots - OH MY!

God’s angel sets up a CIRCLE of protection around us while we pray.
Psalm 34 : 7  (The Message)

Hello and Welcome to the Terrific Tuesday Challenge in conjunction with Cooking with Cricut /Paper Crafting World!  There are lots of wonderfully creative ideas on that blog, great Cutting and Digital files and links to the other Design Team members’ blogs.  I’m really enjoying my time here on the Design Team and am happy to have you visit my blog!  The Theme for this week is ‘Pumpkins, Circles and Dots’-

I was thrilled on Saturday afternoon to have the privilege of driving a half an hour North to meet ‘in person’ one of my new Blogging Friends who, as we’d ‘met online,’ we had happily discovered that we live fairly close to one another!  Meg has a Great blog and I suggest you visit her, especially if you need a chuckle and an uplift for your day – or a scrumptious recipe!!  (www.justalittlenutty.com)   I met her, her Handsome Prince and their 4 Adorable Children (and a Special Friend) and we visited while they operated a huge Yard Sale of wonderful items.  I poked around in between conversations and ended up bringing home a few items to use in some of my re-purposed projects.   Another Thrill for me!  As I stood there casually looking at various items, my eye caught one in particular that I immediately knew would be Perfect for this week’s Terrific Tuesday Challenge.  I worked hard on it yesterday – had various ‘technical difficulties’ – (Why is it that something SEEMS like it might take a couple hours to complete, when in reality it takes MANY…??!!) – and completed it in the wee hours of today.   I’m excited to share the finished product here!  (And excited to have made New Friends!)

I chose a ‘wooden’ plate with a circular motif to then decorate with a circular Harvest Wreath for the Autumn Holidays.  I decided to keep all of the elements in the neutral palette found in the circles of the plate, so that it might go with anyone’s décor and have the Quietly Understated Elegance for which I strive…  I added Pumpkins and Dots -  Here are photos – with the Recipe Ingredients and Directions to follow.  (Tell me before you read them, if you can tell what the ‘Puffy Pumpkin’ is made of…??!!  ;-] )


*  Wooden Charger-type plate
*  I used the ‘Dogwood Wreath cf’ – for the Wreath - Cut 2 at 2 different sizes and layer, and 4 of the Flourishes
*  I used the ‘Pumpkins Corner Vine cf’ – for the large 2-piece pumpkin, the vine and the leaves.
*  Cuttlebug and 2 folders – Polka Dot and Butterfly Background Pattern
*  Lace, Button and Twine for the flower
*  1 empty Toilet Tissue roll, 3 cotton balls and heavy Twine – for ‘Puffy Pumpkin’
*  Artificial ‘Fall Berry Garland’ stems (cut from a garland I got on Sale at Michaels recently)
*  Rafia
*  Recollections Gems
*  PopDots, Glue gun
*  Inks, brushes and sponges

Here are some close up photos –


*  Cut 2 Wreaths in 2 sizes and layer on the plate with PopDots – along with the Flourishes and Vine.
*  Cut the large Pumpkin and emboss the top section with the Cuttlebug plate (Polka Dot), cut the leaves and emboss with the (Butterfly Background) plate.  Ink edges, and lightly ink on the tops of all pieces.  ‘Roll’ the pumpkin pieces to round them for depth and adhere carefully on just the lower and side edges.

*  Make a flower with the lace, button and twine, using glue gun and a paper circle base.
*  Adhere the ‘Fall Berry Garland’ stems and gems, bending as necessary.
*  Make the **Puffy Pumpkin using a 1” section of the TP roll – 3 cotton balls adhered to front half, twine wrapped around and adhered with glue gun, then back half folded flat, and dabbed lightly with ink - attach stem (cut from ‘Fall Berry Garland’) and leaves – then adhere Puffy Pumpkin to plate

**  Recently on Pinterest, I saw a Pumpkin made by wrapping rope around a whole roll of Toilet Tissue and adding a stick for the stem.  I thought…Hmmmm…I could make a tiny one – in similar fashion…!    ;-}

*  Adhere the Paper Pumpkin and Puffy Pumpkin and remainder of the leaves to the plate
*  Make little Rafia bunches, tucking in here and there and adhering with glue gun

That’s It!!

Here is the FREE file for this week at CWC/PCW –

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