Saturday, October 20, 2012

Flourished Baroque Candle Bowl

For You, O Lord, are my Lamp; the Lord lightens my darkness.
II Samuel 22 : 29

 Welcome to another Smorgasbord Saturday in connection with Cooking with Cricut / Paper Crafting World!  We on the Design Team are challenged to create something more unusual than the mere cards and layouts that we do so well – something out of the ordinary – ‘out of the box,’ as is currently an oft-used term.

This week I came across several ideas as I was working on other projects and actually changed my mind several times as to the ‘how to implement’ what I hoped for the final outcome.  I wanted something 'rustically elegant,' easy to do and inexpensive to make.  I ultimately decided that the ‘candle jar’ I had been mulling over would be THIS one!

Candle Bowl - unlit

Candle Bowl -lit


*  a Dollar Store small ‘fish bowl’ (You can use an empty jar, also, as I LOVE to re-purpose those things, as you might know!)
*  remnants of the ‘packing paper’ that the ‘fish bowl’ was wrapped in at the Dollar Store  (!!)
*  my ‘homemade ModPodge’ – made from inexpensive White Glue and water, mixed about 50/50 –
*  the ‘FlourishedBaroque Elements 2 cf’ from CWC/PCW ( I used one of the several elements in the file – sized so that 3 fit around the middle of the bowl)
*  a Tea light candle

Candle bowl - side view


*  Tip the bowl upside down on a bottle of some sort, making sure it’s steady.  Paint the bowl exterior with ‘Mod Podge.’  Wrap the light-weight brown Kraft paper – or whatever you have decided to use – tissue paper or a light weight paper of your choice - around the bowl, starting at the bottom of the bowl, smoothing it to conform to the shape of the bowl and meeting the edges at the back of the bowl, overlapping slightly. 

*  Push the excess paper toward the ‘top’ of the bowl inside until the paper is dry.  Either air-dry it for a while, or as I did, use a heat tool/hairdryer to dry it.  Once dry, trim the paper to ‘just over the edge and into the bowl,’ applying a tad of ‘MP’ to affix it to the rim of the bowl.

*  Apply the design of your choice using ‘ModPodge.’  Apply another coat of ‘ModPodge’ to the whole bowl exterior.  Dry it.

*  Cut a circle of paper or felt just smaller than the bottom of the bowl and adhere it with Tacky Glue.

*  Use either a Tea light or small (1 ½”) candle inside the bowl.

Using 1  1/2" candle
Using Tea light

Now it’s Your turn to create something unusual with any one of Melin’s files – then link it over there at CWC/PCW so we all can see!  Be sure to get the FREE files that Melin also offers this week:

There is also a SALE going on there:

Let me know if you have any questions for me – I look forward to seeing Your creativity! 


  1. You are so amazingly talented, I just can't even tell you how much I am amazed at your work. Awesome craft.


  2. I am in love with this bowl!
    I'd love to try it with autumn colors, Christmas colors and winter colors.
    I'll let you know if I actually get around to doing it!


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