Sunday, February 10, 2013

Winter Road Trip Down PCH#1 - California Coastline

You alone are the Lord, Creator of the heavens and all the stars,
Creator of the earth and those who live on it,
Creator of the ocean and all its creatures.
You are the source of life, praised by the stars that fill the heavens.
Nehemiah 9 : 6

Heaven and earth will praise our God,
and so will the oceans and everything in them.
Psalm 69 : 34

I am digressing from my ‘normal format’ of showcasing the paper crafting or photo restoration projects that I’ve done and I’m just going to share some words and photos that I took this winter.

It’s been a long time since I was able to take a Road Trip anywhere, although at various times in my life I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to travel roads all across this lovely America in which we live.  I was able to spend 3 Precious Days with family Up North at Christmas – which is not nearly enough time to be with them, as it’s far between visits.  There were several reasons that I then determined to drive back down here to where I now live by navigating the Pacific Coast Hwy. #1 for the greater part of the trip -  Yes, it was to take a bit longer than using the Expressway #101, which is the route I drove Up North, but then I was in a hurry to arrive there!  Coming back down did not have the necessity to rush – and I was REALLY in need of ‘feeding my soul’ for a bit with the Extreme Beauty of the Coastal route and the beauty of the words of one of my favorite author’s new Audiobooks (The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton) piping from my iPhone Kindle App  into the car speakers as I drove.   I even treated myself to several ‘scenic vista’ stops and I took photos – to have tangible remembrance – and to share with You All here!   It’ll be almost like taking the trip with You!

Here is my approximate route, in case you aren’t familiar with the West Coastline.  I took #101 S. until I connected with PCH #1 just a bit south of the San Jose area (near Salinas) and continued on it until I had to reconnect with #101 at Santa Maria to head back inland to where I live.  Although I have driven this route – Up and Down – several times, it still makes my heart pound like the surf with the Beauty of the variety of areas one drives in, on, through and around…  These photos truly do not do it justice...

Here are the photos I took at the various pull-offs along the way –

It began to get dark about 5:00 and I took photos for about another hour or so until it was too dark to see -

I’ve always loved to drive – especially long , cross-country trips!  I’ve often joked that ‘in my next life,’ I’d like to be a Trucker, so I could drive all the time and ‘see the world.’  It would have been lovely to share the trip with someone, but I actually enjoyed the day driving, looking, listening and ‘Chatting with God.’  I really wish the price of gas wasn’t so high these days, as I seldom drive anywhere at all…but I would if I could!   Thanks for coming along on this trip with me!  ;-]

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