Monday, June 11, 2012

CD Case Birthday Card

A friend loveth at all times…
Proverbs 17:17a

I thought I’d share a Birthday ‘card’ that I recently made for a Very Special Friend for whom I wanted to make something unique.  I love to Re-purpose items and so I decided to make it using a CD case.  I included a number of Friendship Quotes inside, attached to an accordion-folded base so they pop up when the case is opened. 

Photos -

The paper is on the inside of the case - the flowers are glued on the front outside -

The view when it is opened - I wrote my note and signature on the bottom right section.

Another view from the top -

What other uses have you found for CD cases?  Actually just last week, I organized my stamps that go on clear mounts in empty clear CD cases.  It makes it easy to find them when I need them and conserves on space. 


  1. My husband would love talking with you. He also loves finding new uses for everyday things.
    The card you made was very inventive.

  2. Lovely to have your visit to Faith Hope & Cherrytea!
    Delited to meet you Lynden BLossom :)
    your repurposing is another lifestyle similarity!
    wondering if you've ever been part of friend Shannon Hopkins repurposing of accessories via her ministry Sweet Notions ? You'll love this i'm pretty sure... let me know ~
    Have a blessed weekend! Grace & Peace..


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