Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend - 2012

…teach their children, so the next generation would know them,
even the children yet to be born, and they in turn would tell their children. 
Then they would put their trust in God and would not forget his deeds,
but would keep his commandments. 
Psalm 78: 6,7

As my thoughts turned to the writing of this post, I have thought long and hard about the brave men and women who we remember each year, specifically on Memorial Day, for their military service to our country.  My own son, a Marine Captain, is currently serving – nearing the end of his third deployment – 2 previous ones to Iraq and now this one to Afghanistan.  This is all something I NEVER envisioned as I cradled him as a babe and watched him grow into the amazing man that he is.  Even though it’s been hard for me to ‘wait at home,’ I am beyond proud of him  - and ALL those who serve in our military branches to keep US safe!

I had posted the sample cards I had made for the Military Spouse Appreciation Night that was held 2 weeks ago.  Those who came to our Make-and-Take-a Card table that night seemed to enjoy and appreciate the experience!  We actually made many variations on this theme, using many combinations of red, white and blue papers.   Here again are the 2 Patriotic sample cards I’d made –

I also made these cards with just a few changes of papers and techniques.  I find it a fun challenge to take  a simple idea  and make many versions of it.

I had also made this American Flag-inspired wreath for decoration the MSAN event and now for my home.  I’d seen a similar one posted on Pinterest and this is my version.

Dear Friends of mine lost their young Great-nephew last week to the war in Afghanistan and my heart is very heavy for all of the immediate and extended family – of him – and of ALL who are lost to us and who I re-post on my FB each day…It is so hard to hear this.  I’ve made 2 of this card - one for my friends - and another for them to send to their nephew's wife and family.  Several years ago, I purchased a used paperback book and inside the front cover I found a handwritten poem which I have used often in Sympathy Cards since then.  I feel it is quite appropriate and gives modern verbiage and understanding to I Corinthians 13:12.

I happened to watch 3 incredible programs on (Christian) TV last night, while working on projects, and which I highly recommend!  The first was ‘To End All Wars,” about a POW camp in the Pacific.  The second was “The League of Grateful Sons,” with interview of the current families of WW II Veterans.  (My opening verse was taken from the several that were part of this presentation.)  The third was “Saints and Sinners,” about a small group of WW II soldiers and their incredible experiences.  Should you ever have the opportunity, do watch them.

Whatever your plans are for this weekend, do take some moments to remember the reason for this holiday – Remember those who have made and continue to make sacrifices to make and keep our country FREE and the BEST! 


  1. The cards are fantastic. So much variety and painstaking efforts put into them. Maybe you could get a list of servicemen that don't receive a lot of mail and people that visit your site could write to them. I know I would.

  2. Thank you for your son's service! I'm proud of him for you! I am interested in those Christian WWII programs you mentioned and will check them out.

  3. Beautiful sentiments expressed. We have The League of Grateful Sons DVD and I agree that it is very inspirational.


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