Friday, December 31, 2010

A New Year - for Another New Beginning...

The times I have Begun Again are too numerous to count - and here I am Beginning Again...  This venture is into the world of cyberspace - a place which I have inhabited on the fringe for quite some time.  Today I am plunging in.  I want to share what I do - and some of what I think - and I wonder if there is a place for me 'here' - since I can find no 'place' for me in the world in which I live at this time.

I have Scrapbooked for many years - for me, for family, for others who paid me.  I have now worked for a year and a half as the Archival Preservationist/Professional Scrapbooker for a Celebrity family.  I not only do traditional and digital Scrapbooking of their family photos and memorabilia, but I have also done many digital restoration projects of their vintage family photos.

I make handmade cards and other gifts for all occasions.  I love my Cricut and Sure Cuts a Lot 2 program!  I enjoy using 'discontinued' wallpaper book pages for my cards and projects, as well as regular Scrapbooking papers and decorative items.

I also sew, knit, crochet, counted-cross-stitch, cook, bake, decorate my home, read and write.  I enjoy all aspects of creating lovely items to share with those I love - just a bit of My Heart into their hands...  I've been told that all I do is done not only with Love, but with 'An Elegant Touch...' - and thus my 'company' and blog name.

I look forward to sharing with You - and You sharing with me - in the coming days...


  1. I want to see all your creations...
    Thanks for commenting in my blog.
    Have a great Monday ;-)
    Maria Elena

  2. Wow, impressive, and I too would love to see your work. Happy you have joined the blog world.

  3. I cannot wait to see your work, especially with Sure Cuts a lot, I would love you to share some tips, I am just learning about SCAL!


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