Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Let Your Light So Shine! Lever Card

Send me your LIGHT and your faithful care;
 let them lead me…
Psalm 43: 3a

Hello!  How is YOUR summer going?  Summer brings lots of changes for many people and there are changes in the schedule on, so I’ll be posting with other Design Team members once a week – either on a Wednesday or a Thursday – through the next couple of months.  Melin has been working hard and has come up with Many new files for us to showcase for you.  I hope you’ll see what I come up with each week!

This week I decided to use one of the several Paper Lace cutting files that Melin has made – the ‘Lighthouse Paper Lace cf.’  Recently, I made a card featuring the Cornflowers that used to grow in profusion along the Michigan highways  and which I enjoyed seeing on the drive from where I lived in Grand Rapids to where I spent many happy summer days with Dear Friends on Lake Michigan between Holland and Grand Haven.  One precious memory is of taking long walks on the beach and seeing the Lighthouse at the end of the Pier.  So here’s another card dedicated to Memories of Michigan – combined with memories of Dear Newer Friends here in California and their hospitality to me. After a visit with them recently, I made this Thank You card for them.

When I stay at the home of Dear Friends of mine, it’s a lovely Guest Room that awaits and envelopes me there.  It is decorated in a Nautical Theme and even has a ‘white noise machine’ that simulates waves crashing to soothe one to sleep and block out other sounds during the night.

Our sons attended the US Naval Academy (2005) and that’s how we met – at a USNA Parents Dinner in 2001.  Both of our sons went into the Marines upon graduation, and as they have moved on and around the world, Susi and I have grown together in our friendship.  We don’t get to visit often (although we do ‘burn the phone lines’ constantly), but it’s such a treat when we do!

The Lighthouse not only reminds me of my friends’ gracious hospitality and Our Boys’ days at the USNA, but also of my childhood in Michigan and our constant visits to the Holland/Ottawa Beach in the summers.  The family of my girlfriend since first grade, another Special Friend, had a cottage near there and some of the happiest days of my childhood were spent there on the beach!  I can still feel the warm sand on bare feet, the hot sun on bare skin, the refreshingly cool Lake Michigan waves lapping along the edges of the beach…  I can hear the foghorn on the Lighthouse pier, guiding boats into and through the channel… 

Ahhhhh…  I’m ‘back there’…for the moment…  (I wish I’d known that Melin was living ‘that close,’ too – as we might have visited ‘ back then’…  Who knew!!??)   ;-}

This Lever Card features the Lighthouse and a quote by Dwight L. Moody – another ‘connection’ in my life from ‘back when’…

“We are told to let our light shine and if it does,
we won't need to tell anybody it does.
Lighthouses don't fire cannons to call attention
 to their shining - they just shine.”

Here is the file I used -
My Friends – both Old and New - definitely SHINE here on earth!  (I hope to, also…)
Who has been a Shining Lighthouse in YOUR life?


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  1. I just love the whole peacefulness of your card! I love the lighthouse as well! :)


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