Thursday, July 18, 2013

Proverbs 16:24 - Honeycomb Easel Card

Pleasant words are as an honeycomb,
sweet to the soul, and health to the bones.
Proverbs 16:24

Hello!  How is YOUR summer going?  Summer brings lots of changes for many people and there are changes in the schedule on, so I’ll be posting with other Design Team members once a week – either on a Wednesday or a Thursday – through the next couple of months.  Melin has been working hard and has come up with Many new files for us to showcase for you.  I hope you’ll see what I come up with each week!  Be sure to pop in over there daily and see what the other Designers have come up with -

This week I decided to use one of the newer digital files and one of the newer cut files to complement each other.  I made an Easel Card featuring the ‘Proverbs 16:24 and Honeycomb ds’and the ‘Hexagon Paper Lace cf.’ 

Front of the card - closed -

The card base is Kraft cardstock - I will add a stamped sentiment when I decide later -

I lightly inked the cardboard and digi edges with rust ink -

I adhered a yellow textured wallpaper behind the Honeycomb -

I then backed the cardboard with rust textured wallpaper - then adhered to the base -
I initially put the digi file into my free ‘Perfect Effects Free’ program to change the colors and the ‘textures’ to what I wanted.  I got to thinking about how much I enjoy the ‘Color Inspiration Charts’ that are featured on - and I had chosen one to use with this project.   
It was 'close' and would have been OK to use -
I then wondered about the possibilities of making my own for projects.  After some Online research, I discovered that there are many sites that have the availability to make these and I checked out two specifically that were the easiest to work in and gave me my desired results.  I have examples of all of these online changes to follow –

Here are the files I began with  - and the changes I made -

Original file colors -

plus 'Blue Dawn' action -

plus 'Earth' action -

plus 'Tonal Contrast' action -

I put my changed digi file into these two programs and came up with these Color Inspiration Charts.

  The other was at this link:   

I decided to try another photo just to see what the second program would do with it – for future use – and for recommendation sake.

My Favorite! - Sterling Rose
Sterling Rose Color Inspiration Chart
Perhaps you’d like to try these sometime!

I like to use corrugated cardboard in my projects often and thought I’d share a bit about that, too.  I save little boxes and ‘packing’ to use in my projects.  It’s easy to peel off one layer of the cardboard if you spritz it with water, let it set a minute or two and peel it off with a tweezers.  You can also slide the tweezers down the ‘valleys’ of the corrugation to get all of the layer off.  Then just cut or rip the piece to fit your project.

Piece of cardboard I began with  today - white on one side -
 - tan on the other side -
I ripped the white off for today's project -
Thanks for visiting today!  I hope you not only enjoyed it, but perhaps learned something…  I love to teach and share what I have learned and experienced.  Come again soon!  Enjoy YOUR summer!  ;-}

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  1. Lynden, your projects are always wonderful! Love the texture of the box torn! Great feel to your card! :)

  2. Wonderful project today! Thank you for the links to the two color palette generators. That looks so interesting. Love the idea of your upcycled cardboard! Very clever. I have tons of that sitting around here and didn't even think about that :-) Thank you as always for sharing your creativity with us!!!!
    Big blessings,

  3. This is a cute easel card Lynden! I love this cute little bee bear with his honeycomb! Love the color combo you used too! Hugs!


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