Friday, November 2, 2012

TIME Cards !

But I will sing of your strength, in the morning I will sing of your love;
 for you are my fortress, my refuge in TIMEs of trouble.
Psalm 59 : 16

 Welcome to Digi Desserts Fridaze in connection with My Paper Crafting !    We, on the Design Team, were to create a project using a Digital File from the vast selection at for today. 

For this week’s digi-project I decided to make a card with this week’s FREE digi, ‘Clock-Alarm ds.’ 

I thought about how much I miss several people in my life and how precious the time is that I am allowed to spend with them very occasionally.  Thus, I made this card –

I used the new Free program (Perfect Effects Free) that I’d used last week to change the original file to something else.  The cute Alarm Clock is from a by-gone-era, from which I came!  This time I used the ‘Good Ole Boys’ action to give the file an aged, crumpled effect and it ‘grayed’ it, also.  So I decided to continue in a B/W theme, with a tad of purple to add a dash of color.  I made the card from gray cardstock, with the fold at the top.

I chose a Clock-themed font (101! Clock Face) for the front word (TIME) and a ‘rounded’ font (CircleD) for the inside sentiment – all in keeping with the ‘round theme.’  The background papers also had faint circles and polka dots.  I do try always to ‘be in the details’ of all that I make, although it might only matter to me!  I added ‘Glossy Accents’ to the facial features on the clock.

I had just finished this card late last night when all of a sudden a song began playing in my head  It was Cher’s, “If I Could Turn Back Time.”  So – I decided to make another card with That Theme – in relation to our national Time Change this weekend!  I finished it Early this morning.

 I used the already changed Digi and put it into PSE 10 to change the color to brown.  I punched two elements from sheet music that I’ve scanned and can print in whatever color I choose.  I used the same fonts as on the first card, just changing them to brown.  I made the card from cream parchment cardstock, with the fold at the top and inking the edges with dark brown ink.

Here is the FREE digi-file for this week at My Paper Crafting.  Be sure to stop over there, if you haven’t already, see all of the other creative projects, get the file, make a project of your own using a digi-file from My Paper Crafting and then link it there so we can see it, too!

NOTE:  There has been a permanent change to the name of Melin’s blog and site.  Formerly known as ‘Cooking with Cricut,’ it is now ‘My Paper Crafting.’  Everything else is the same wonderfulness – just a name change!   ;-]

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