Sunday, September 23, 2012

Smorgasbord Saturdays: Re-purposed Pizza Pan/Memo Board!

I will REMEMBER the deeds of the LORD;
yes, I will REMEMBER your miracles of long ago.
Psalm 77: 11

 Hello and Welcome to our first Smorgasbord Saturdays posting in connection with Cooking with Cricut / Paper Crafting World!  (This one is not being posted until Sunday this time because of ‘technical troubles’ at the home base, but we all understand those kinds of things, so we just relax and go on when we can…!)  The emphasis of Smorgasbord Saturdays is to invite us as Design Team Members – and You as Followers – to come up with unusual/inspiring/creative projects that are ‘out of the box’ so to speak – and hopefully, Out of This World!  I am personally looking forward to seeing what we All will come up with, as MY brain is always on fire and I see everything as ‘something else.’  I look forward to seeing this Creative Corner every other Saturday this Autumn!

My project for today is a re-purposed ‘Pizza Pan turned Memo Board.’  Here’s the photo – and the Recipe and more photos follow –

Recipe Ingredients:

*  Pizza pan or cookie sheet – This was from the Dollar Store – I have also used Old ones that had been discarded, cleaned them, sprayed them with paint and then decorated them.  (Some photos to follow at the end of this post.)

*  Papers of your choice – I like to use discontinued wallpapers from books I get from decorator stores for Free or nominal price.  The options are endless and they are great for larger projects where archival properties are not necessarily important.  You can also use pieces of scrapbook papers or cardstock and ‘piece’ them to make the background.

* Cut files – Inks – Embellishments (Flowers/gems, etc.) – Clothespins – magnet strips – Clear glass magnets – Adhesives - Sentiments, if desired


 Prepare the pan of your choice – cut paper to fit and adhere.   For this project, I used a cream-colored paper that had splotches of silver-gray.  I decided to have a Cream/Silver-Gray/Black color-scheme to highlight the silver tray edge and because it is fairly neutral, would go with most every décor and is the scheme of several kitchens I’ve seen recently on Pinterest!  ;-}

Cut files of your choice.    I used two files for this – the New ‘Flower ‘n’ Branch 918 cf’ - for the flourishes (light gray cardstock - inked) and an older one, ‘JESUS and Swirls’ –for the leaves (dark gray ‘marble’ wallpaper).

 Adhere magnets and embellishments to clothespins.   Sometimes I paint the clothespins, this time I didn’t.  Adhere magnet strips, cut to fit, to the backside.  These can hold photos, recipes, notes, reminders, receipts – whatever.

I purchased several 3-magnet sets when they were on Clearance at Michaels recently.  As none of them were the color I needed for this project, I pried the magnets off the glass bubbles, removed the original papers, replaced them with circle-punched pieces of the dark gray ‘marble’ wallpaper and re-glued them to the bubbles.  Easy!   (Well, kind of easy…)  These can hold photos, recipes, notes, reminders, receipts – whatever.

 Adhere all other permanent embellishments.  I used Recollections flowers in various sizes/colors.

I made a cardstock pocket, adhered a ‘brick wall’ wallpaper piece on the front and adhered the pocket to the memo board.  I cut light gray cardstock to fit in the pocket.  These can be used for notes, reminders, recipes - whatever.

 This can be hung on the wall by applying picture hanging implements to the back of it – or it can be stood in a picture holder.

These are the files I used.

Here are a few other similar re-purposed projects I’ve done in recent years, just to give you an idea for some other ways to do these.  It’s an easy project and a great, quick, useful gift idea! 

Now it’s YOUR turn to create and then link to CWC/PCW!  Let’s see what you cook up using Melin’s files and Your imagination!

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