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  My Services for You!

Hello -

Thank you for stopping by my Online Home !  I trust you will enjoy your visit - my Creations - my Thoughts - the Rest of the Story - the Quotes - and all that I choose to share here.

I’d love to help You with Your Creations - or Create FOR You!  Let me know if I can do Scrapbooking, paper-crafting, make cards or notes, do Calligraphy, restore your Vintage Photos  (  or proofread or write any content for You -  We can discuss your needs and each case will be considered on its individual situation for pricing.  I will offer References and Examples.

Do let me know what I can do to add  ‘An Elegant Touch…’ to whatever you might need!

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  1. Your projects are beautiful Lynden. I love the elegant white board using the frame. What a great way to spruce up something for our homes. I love how you decorated it with the flowers and punch.


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