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'Happy Holly-days' Gift Tags for the Swap!

 In that day the Lord Almighty will be a glorious crown,
a beautiful wreath for the remnant of his people.
Isaiah 28 : 5

Hello and Welcome!  Here I am doing this, my ninth post in conjunction with a group I connected with after I began using my Silhouette CAMEO cutting machine last year.  It’s a monthly post to showcase projects that members of the Silhouette Challenge Group have made using these wonderful machines.  You'll find a list at the end here of those of our ever-growing group who are participating this month, so you can visit them, also!

I’ve always been partial to using Holly in Christmas decorating.  I thought a little ‘education’ as to its significance might be appropriate for those of you who might be interested in how it came to be of such significance to this ‘Holly-day.’   8-]   First, I’ll let you peek at the tags I made for this month’s Silhouette Challenge Group Swap.  We were each to make 23 tags.  We sent them to one of our members who had kindly offered to sort and divide them all.  She will then send each of us our self-addressed package back to us and we will receive 23 DIFFERENT tags – one from each of the others in the Group!!  We are all excited to see the creations of everyone else -  Merry Christmas to US!  ;-]

Here are photos of my offering –

Showing the glint of the Green Sparkle cardstock -
I cut the tags from white cardstock using the ‘Butterfly ‘n’ Tag 221 CF’ (  

 I inked the edges with Silver.  I cut a ‘Holly-Berries Flourish’ motif (not sure where I got it quite a while ago before I knew of keeping  track of the origin of files) from Green Sparkle paper and added red ‘berries’ made with my 1/4” punch.  I then added a red gem flower and a silver flower center.  I then added Red/White candy-stripe twine for a loop at the top.  There is plenty of room for a ‘sentiment of choice’ on the front and more space to write a short note and sign it on the back.  I hope these add  'An Elegant Touch...' to gifts all across America!

Showing the glint of the Green Sparkle cardstock -

 Holly Education 101 -  8-]
The Holly has been traditionally connected to Christmas and festivals associated with it for centuries. Like Christmas songs and trees, its origins can be traced back to Northern Europe and was actually first celebrated as a plant of great importance by the Pagans. Its leaves are green with slightly jagged edges, which may have been part of the reason that the druids used it as a ceremonial head wear when they went into the forest.

Originally, the holly was a type of offering that was giving to the God Saturn by the Romans during the festival of Saturnalia. It was said that the holly was the sacred plant of Saturn and was thus even more valued by the Romans. All images of Saturn are depicted with him with the holly. It is also considered a special gift that was interchanged with a high regard for its symbolism.

At some point the holly became significant to Christians. At first it was placed within decorations that adorned doors as a method of preventing persecution. The power of the holly as a method of preventing unforeseeable trouble was not limited to the problems that earthly creatures could inflict but also demonic forces. It was believed that hanging the holly on the door of any home would prevent the entry of terrifying spectres who were more likely to attack during the holy days. Soon it began getting more mainstream acceptance as an essential symbol of Christmas festival.  As expected, the initial purpose of the holly became less recognized by the Christians who used it in yearly celebrations.

Another part of its symbolic significance is related to the crucifixion of Christ who wore a crown of thorns that caused him to bleed from his head. Thus the look of the hollies is similar to the look of Christ's makeshift crown, and the berries symbolize the blood that oozed forth from Christ during his darkest hours. The holly is, subsequently more of a religious symbol for those who subscribe to this metaphorical depiction of the widely popular plant.

It is typically separated into two types the ‘she-holly’ and the ‘he-holly.’ Both types can be distinguished by the properties of the leaves. The ‘she-holly’ is near smooth along the surface, which understandably makes it more feminine, while the ‘he-holly’ is more prickly and rougher, clearly demonstrating more masculine properties.

The holly may merely be viewed by some as a great decorative piece in homes or for use in festivals. However, its history is significant in the grand tradition of religions and pagan belief systems.

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  1. These are beautiful! Great job :)

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  5. These are elegant, indeed! It has been fun seeing some of the tags from our swap; now I have my hopes up to get one of these in my collection of tags!

    And thanks for the history on the holly branch. I think it's so fascinating to the learn the origin of tried and true symbols.

    Thanks for joining us for this month's Challenge and for inspiring us with your creativity! (Wow, you've participated in 9 challenges?! You're a rockstar, Lynden!)

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    Keep on being fabulous!!

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