Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My Cookie Lee Jewelry Case Pillows

I’m exhausted. I cannot even speak,
my voice fading as sighs.
    Every day ends in the same place—lying in bed,
covered in tears, my PILLOW wet with sorrow.
Psalm 6:6   (the Voice version)

In looking for a verse to begin this blogpost, as I always do, I didn’t know I’d come across a verse – with the appropriate word ‘pillow’ I it – that would also be so true of my life as it is currently.  It’s not about the pillows that I’ve made and am sharing in this post…  It’s where I am in life that makes ‘my pillow wet with sorrow’ – but that’s not for sharing here.  Just an interesting observation – and how even King David had days – nights – like mine!

This is a departure from my usual Paper-crafting.  I signed up to be a Cookie Lee Jewelry Consultant this past summer.  I often borrow the Loaner Kit from my Director for my Parties until I have more of a selection of items to show and sell.  She has little pillows in the case trays to keep the jewelry from sliding in transport.  I was recently able to purchase a ‘used’ case from someone for me to use, but no pillows were included.  I asked my Director where she had purchased hers.  The woman who had made them for a while in this area has moved away and she mentioned that if anyone sewed, it would be a good ‘service’ to the local Consultants to be able to purchase them.  MY hand is raised!!  I have been sewing since I was 9 years old - back in the Paleolithic Era! - and this would be a fun, additional project to add to my repertoire of ‘things I do to survive’!  So – here is what I’ve come up with recently.  I’ll be sharing them at the 2014 Spring/Summer Launch this coming Saturday, January 11th, at my Director’s home – and hoping that I sell them – and will then make more.

I made several packs of 4 out of various remnant materials that I purchased.  I will see what the reaction is and which types might be better accepted by the Consultants.  I made several for my own Case and am testing to see which materials might work better than others – and it’s also a ‘personal preference’ as far as anyone’s personal style.

Here are the ones I’ve made so far –  Pinks and Grays are the current Cookie Lee Colors!
They are 4 for $20 - 2 for $10 - You can mix and match the sets I make.

Pink silk shantung

Pink Sparkle Corduroy

Pink Fleece

Burgundy Satin

Gray Satin

Gray Tweed Polyester

Gray Fleece

Pink Silk Shantung/Gray Tweed Polyester

Burgundy/Gray Satin

We’ll see how they are ‘received’ on Saturday – and whether I will be going into the Pillow Business, also!  I promise - I haven't cried on any of these!!   Thanks for stopping by – Come again soon!   

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