About Me

Several years ago when I was starting an event-planning company and trying to figure out a name for it, some friends helped me.  They said that in everything I ever did, I had done it with ‘An Elegant Touch…’ - and that since the name started with an ‘A,’ it would be at the beginning of any list it might be on!  Thus, I have kept the name for whatever endeavor I’ve attempted - and now, for my paper-crafting, photo-restoration blog and offerings.

 I grew up quite poor and have remained so for my adult life.  I have learned through the years to be able to ‘make Something Special from nothing’ and have been told that I could dress in a brown paper bag and make it look like an elegant gown…. *smile*   It’s true that I’ve learned to do that with clothes, home décor, cooking , paper-crafting and other crafts which I enjoy.   My recent job as an Archival Preservationist/Professional Scrapbooker (and more) for a Celebrity Family in this area has ended at this time and I now look forward to where God is leading me - with the many and varied educational and life experiences that He has afforded me…

Here is where I have chosen to share bits and pieces of me…Verses which apply to each post and project…  Paper-crafting and digital photo restorations that I have totally enjoyed creating and am now sharing with You…  Tips to help You create very inexpensively, yet with Elegance…

I’d love to have You share with me the creative ways You add to Your life with ‘An Elegant Touch…’  

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  1. Thanks for visiting me at my blog space and introducing yourself. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better. xo, ab

  2. I love your zest. I am a kindred spirit of the re-make, redesign and Thrift-store lady! My mother taught me about colors and materials, and others in my family have been artists (although I do not claim to be) but I have been called a "Creativadora" in my world. I am anxious to know some of your elegance, L. I have some of my creations on Pinterest.


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